Recent and Upcoming Events

We will have an in-person meeting in Albuquerque from August 8 – 11, 2022.

The workshop begins in the evening of August 8 and ends around noon on August 11. There will be some travel support available. This will be an in-person workshop and while we will record some of the talks and discussions, this is not a hybrid (in-person/on-line) workshop.

Broad topics we plan to discuss are:

– Lessons learned from eruption scenario exercises (Mt. Hood, Distributed Volcanic Field)

– Lessons learned from the Kīlauea 2020 eruption response

– Broadening engagement of Early Career Researchers in US eruption response. 

– Open-data approaches and protection of intellectual property during US eruption response

– The role of Scientific Advisory Committees (SACs) during US eruption response

– The future of CONVERSE beyond the Research Collaboration Network grant 

Apply here to attend by June 17


Virtual Eruption Response Scenario Exercise was running from February 4, 2022 (kick-off meeting) to March 4, 2022.

A virtual workshop was running on October 25 from 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM (Pacific time) and on October 26 from 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Pacific time).

This workshop will have one main objective: preparation for Distributed Volcanic Field (DVF) eruption response scenario exercise. This workshop is organized by Tobias Fischer, Wendy Stovall, Emily Johnson, Kristina Walowski and Bruce Houghton.

We will spend the first day of the workshop (October 25) with a short presentation on research related to Distributed Volcanic Fields. We will then have breakout discussions on topics including:

  1. What are the signs of a volcanic event from a distributed field?
  2. When should we respond?
  3. How do we plan for long-term events (i.e. eruptions that last more than 1-2 days)?
  4. What are lessons learned from prior scenarios?

The second day (October 26) will include:

  1. Short presentation of break out room findings from Day 1 (presented by organizers)
  2. USGS response and DVF challenges presentation
  3. DVF Scenario logistics
  4. Break out rooms discussion: CONVERSE – challenges of the academic community in responding to a DVF event
  5. Break-out discussion and general questions


In 2019 we have held several disciplinary workshops that resulted in reports listed on the main page.

Our inter-disciplinary (in person) workshop planned for March 2020 has been postponed to April 2021. Please contact the disciplinary leaders for more information.

2019 workshop on petrology/geochemistry/experiments and samples
2019 Infrasound workshop

Report 2018 COVE Workshop Albuquerque 

Report 2018 CONVERSE Meeting Albuquerque

CONVERSE leaders workshop, Albuquerque, New Mexico, November 27, 2018

Community Volcano Experiment Workshop, Albuquerque New Mexico, November 28 – 30, 2018 COVE workshop Albuquerque

Modeling Collaboratory for Subduction (MCS) Kick-off meeting. Washington DC Dec. 9, 2018.