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Currently the US volcano community is spread out over many academic institutions, includes several government agencies, is fragmented and would benefit from coordination. Often non-detection of initial volcanic unrest, and uncoordinated response to volcanic activity and eruptions leads to data of different types getting collected at different times and locations or not at all. This results in inefficient resource use and limited impact of the information obtained. At times initial signals or even small initial eruptions are not detected perhaps because they were unexpected or the various observational data sets that may have shown pre-cursory activity were not integrated effectively with existing data.

The purpose of this Research Coordination Network is to enable, organize, and focus the collaboration of US academic researchers, the USGS, NASA, NCAR, NOAA, the Smithsonian (GVP) and foreign entities involved in volcano science. The goal of the enhanced collaboration is to advance our ability to adequately monitor the unrest and run-up to volcanic eruptions and once an eruption occurs, to adequately collect critical data and samples to develop next-generation physical/chemical models of volcanoes and through these understand processes of magma generation, transfer and eruption. While volcano science is truly international, we focus here as a first step on US volcanoes but we plan to broaden participation of international colleagues through the steering committee and participation in workshops.

This RCN resulted from recent community reports: ERUPT and SZ4D

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